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My brother is bad at it. It is so much fun

Very fun

Very cool

One of my fav games

Great game definitely for a free game

Great game!

Love this game, its so addictive!!!


I love to Play this game it is my favorite

Awesome but frustrating

I love this game so much!! But I also got really frustrated playing it. But if you want the game get it! Its a great game just be warned you may get frustrated.




Winter break is so hard lol but game in general is 69/21 illuminati rating recommend downloading

Thx for making a great app!!!

Seriously considering having my friends at least beat the first level before I show trust.

So much fun!

Goes to show how hard it can be to read directions and follow the prompts! Really fun and helpful to make us more aware

Classic, good, tricky fun

"No need for a retest, Im know Im a genius"- Frankie Cosmos

Awful! Nothing But Ads.

A few clever challenges. It has way MORE advertisements that you cant make disappear even if you try just waiting them out. You must have "apples" to play. You either BUY apple$ or you sit through tons of annoying ads for "free" apples. Deceptive "x" to close buttons. Just find something else. Keep walking. Mensa has a great challenging app and so does Brain Games. This is fun for about 3 seconds.

Game is not free

There is only one free level and it takes 1 minute to pass. Unless you are willing to blow your wallet this game has nothing to offer.

Good game your your mind

This make you think and pay attention to what your reading and see how sharp your mind is...?


pretty fun

Moron Test

I have taken this test I dont know how many times & over many. I got to the point where I could not understand how I could get it right. You really have to read it carefully hopefully you do before the page changes. There is a little secret I never thought of. Have a good test. Josephine

Fun game... nothing to do once your done

Once you finish all the levels theres nothing to do. The levels are really fun but I beat all of them in like a week plz make more

Morons Review

Dont be retarded, dont be slow, read very carefully, take everything very literal. Mississippians beware...

So fun

I love this game its awesome

Fun Fun Fun

This is such a simple game, but so much fun! I would recommend this to all my friends. It is about reading the directions and following to the T, not skimming to what you think it is. Love this game!

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